Kelli Gizzi Communications, LLC, provides the following services:

·      Go-to-Market Planning & Market Research

·      Marketing Campaign Management & Execution

·      Audience-Specific Messaging and Content Development

·      Channel Partner Co-Marketing Messaging

·      Technical Content Development

·      Audience-specific Blogging and Executive Blog Writing

·      Web, Social and Paid Media Content Planning and Copy Writing

·      Conference Messaging, Show Communications and Demo Scripting

·      Learning and Professional Development Workshop Creation

·      Women’s Leadership Development Program Consulting


Kelli Gizzi Communications, LLC, specializes in B2B communications with the following audiences:

·    Software Developers and ISVs – across a breadth of technologies and communities

·    Enterprise IT Decision Makers (direct or through distribution channels)

·    LOB Decision Makers for Businesses of all sizes

·    Higher Education/Continuing Education/Lifelong Learners

Plus experience with: Small Business, Technical Academia, Game Developers, Mobile App Developers, Telecommunications Infrastructure


Kelli is a visionary marketing communications specialist, who has the rare ability to both collaboratively develop strategic programs AND manage the execution of tactical deliverables. Her professional integrity is outstanding, with uncommon attention to detail and determination.
Andy Fields, Account Manager, Plan 235


Kelli is a focused and results-oriented professional, with clear line of sight on the tools needed to create product demand. She was instrumental in developing and driving value-add marketing collateral and tools including the server TCO tool, ISV proof points and configuration guides used by sales organizations to drive product revenue. She understands business value solutions and can bring together concepts of technical product marketing together with solutions-oriented tools to drive sales.
Julie O’Connor, Business Development Manager, Intel Capital


Kelli is a great model on how to manage programs and people. She identifies key issues and objectives, defines an action plan, assigns tasks to people, gets people motivated and does it all with an incredible amount of enthusiasm and positive energy. She is the person to bring into play at critical times.
Gustavo Benedicty, retired Intel Corporation